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Welcome to My Shiroma | Worldwide Marketplace, a unique online platform catering to the fashion and accessory needs of people who have been touched by adoption.  Whether you were adopted,  parents who adopted their child/ren, birth parents or anyone whose life has been blessed by the amazingness of adoption, here is your place. Here at My Shiroma, we understand and have the first-hand experience that adoption is the most exciting, most magical, and most precious gift in life, and this website was born of an intensely personal story.

A Deeply Personal Brand

My name is Dr. Shiroma. I am the founder and owner of I am the mother of four wonderful children, and all of them came through the miracles of adoption. I am grateful every day for their courageous, selfless birth mothers. I am Mama because of them.

Adoption can be a long, complicated journey that results in the most beautiful of families. For nine long years, it felt like I was on the fastest and scariest roller coaster ride. Nevertheless, looking into my children’s beautiful faces, I would go through this whirlwind journey all over again. On the awe-inspiring journey, I experienced the emotional lows of hopelessness, sadness, not being in control, and guilt and the emotional highs of overwhelming love and happiness. It was an adventure like no other. Those nine years also taught me that we live in a society that celebrates adoption, but only barely. To illustrate, when a couple is pregnant and expecting a child, there are loads of baby gifts, shower gifts, and mementos to commemorate the wonderful occasion. Not so much with adoptions.

With my experience, I was able to understand that adoption is a birth of sorts; one made of choice. I also realized that we did not have enough mementos to celebrate the uniqueness of adoption. Nor were there special sentimental gifts for birth mothers.  I made it my life’s mission to help other families enjoy adoption as much as I have, and written a children’s book on adoption; Super Duper Big Heart ~ An Adoption Love Story. Soon to launch my second children’s book to add to the collection. came to life because I wanted to have, and wanted other’s to have access to merchandise and mementos celebrating the blessings of adoption. Here, you will find women fashion celebrating adoption, children fashion doing the same, as well as accessories and home décor items for anyone touched by adoption. T-Shirts, onesies, mugs, jewelry, pillows, artwork, you will find them all here. We are also planning to carry a designer line for men touched by adoption very soon. And we are looking forward to adding fun and only one of its kind items as well.  Stay tuned!

My Story – The Name Behind The Brand

My Shiroma is dedicated to my grandmother’s enduring legacy, and is a celebration of her life, her creativity and her love for family, just as much as it is a celebration of adoption. My grandmother was very creative and could make anything out of anything. She was amazing!  I still have the kimono she handmade for me when I was a little girl which I hold close to my heart.  She would only use a needle and thread to sew her masterpieces yet her stitches were better than a sewing machine.

My mother inherited her creativity from my grandmother, and could herself sew up a storm. I watched my mother make her own patterns to create beautiful clothes. She taught me to sew when I was five, and passed on her sewing machine to me when I was seven. That was when I started to create clothes for my Barbies and baby dolls. I would use leftover fabric from my mother’s projects any chance that I got!  When I grew older and became more advanced in designing and sewing, I started to make my own school clothes, homecoming and prom dresses because I loved to add the uniqueness to my Shiroma Creations©. 

And the beautiful thing is that the family creativity lives on. Today, I design and make clothes for myself and my children, mostly for special occasions and holidays. I love everything fashion, and I am as comfortable in black tie as I am in the very casual.

When I am not wearing my creative hat, my life revolves around my family, especially my children. Having a family was my dream, and the miracles of adoption made that dream come true.  I am extremely proud to be able to combine my love for fashion, my creativity and my love for family, and parley all into

My Shiroma Logo

My Shiroma logo was thought out carefully.  I wanted to make the importance of our family name which stems back from an island called Miyako where my grandparents are from.  As a little girl, I remember frequently cruising on a large ship to Miyako with my grandmother where we would walk along the island, eating sugar cane, catching colorful dragonflies, and picking shishidama flowers. I later learned that these flowers which had small oval-shaped beads were indigenous to Miyako.  I would help my grandmother gather these shishidama beads along the clear bluest of beaches.  Then I would watch with amazement when she would make necklaces and bracelets out of these beads.  My grandmother was the most talented person ever!

After my grandfather’s passing, my grandmother and her daughters migrated to the beautiful island of Okinawa long before I was born.  My grandmother had four daughters but did not have any sons to carry on the Shiroma name, and was very proud of her name because of the love she had for my grandfather.  Her four daughters would later honor their parents by giving all their children Shiroma as their middle names. Today, her grandchildren are also giving their own children the middle name of Shiroma to carry on that tradition.

Because of all the cherished memories, the love and respect for my grandmother, and to leave a lasting legacy for generations to come, My Shiroma logo had to symbolize everything about her. The Shiroma logo took on many attempts into creating the design. When the logo was finally completed, I knew my grandmother would be proud.  My Shiroma logo is a flower with four beautiful petals, and it is as personal as the story of this website itself. The main body of the flower represents my grandmother, Kame Shiroma while the four petals represent my mother and my aunts. Ironically, it also represents me and my four children, as we are all Shiromas too. The logo is a testament to family, love, tradition, and creativity.

The Dream

Every day, I hope that the celebration of adoption becomes more visible, and I dream of the day when everywhere is filled with adoption merchandise just as much as biological new-born merchandise is celebrated. I dream of the day when the beauty and amazingness and the potential of adoption are fully recognized. While we wait for that day, I will keep doing my best to celebrate adoption and keep it at the forefront of family matters. is a personal adoption story. This is a place for family, for love, for fashion, and for creativity. Welcome! Let’s help you celebrate your amazingness.